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Photo montage of tube beniding

Mandrel bending

The process of mandrel bending produces tubing that is accurately bent and not crushed or rippled on the bend.

Mandrel bending is generally considered to be the neatest and best way to bend tubing, as the diameter of the bent tube does not alter significantly throughout the radius of the bend compared to crush/pressure bending and crinkle bends.

The good fluid flow characteristic is why it is used in the production of performance exhaust manifolds and industrial pipework. If you have a motor bike or a performance car and need bespoke exhaust pipes in mild or stainless steel, we can make these parts for you.

Our tube bending expertise extends to commercial applications like power stations or high pressure hydraulic environments.

For the automotive industry we can supply custom parts including, chassis, steering arms, roll cages, turbo charger pipes and parts for railway, locomotive and rolling stock. For example: heaters and toilet pipe work

We make hand rails both for the domestic market and industrial sectors and supply grab handles for specific projects.

As a testament to our skill and workmanship, we produced the P rails for the Olympic Aquadrome.

What can Tube Engineers do?

We frequently bend the following materials:

  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel

We can bend tubes in a range of diameters from 6.3mm or 1/4" up to 101.6mm or 4". We also form tube ends to create flares, change of diameter, beads etc. to finish a pipe ready for its application. We provide thin walled tight radius exhaust and air pipes up to 250mm diameter, generally using pressed bends.

Our products range from hand rails to manifolds.

If you have an item you want making from tubing, contact us today and we can discuss the best course of action.

Whether you're looking for a custom manifold or a bespoke bull bar, or just a simple hand rail, we can help from concept to completion.

We are happy to supply product in the form you desire, from a plain bent tube to a completely welded, tested and painted assembly.

Although we regularly accept orders of single items,  we prefer to run batches of 5 up to 500, generally allowing us to deliver  within three weeks, dependent on the item complexity.

Metal tubing

Please do not hesitate to phone us with any queries: 01673 862 286

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